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PayWao! provide you an amazing platform to build your constant cash flow through our unique Referral Program and can promote your business through place ads (website, video or channel) etc.

Before we come to PayWao Income Plan through our Referral Program; let’s start reading below to understand the whole theme about PayWao!

  • To visit
  • Read FAQ’s Page if need.
  • Register your Free Account.
  • Buy 2000 points to place ads and activate your account instantly by depositing $2 once in lifetime.
  • Create your 4 digit Pin by click on Setting + Advance Setting in Account Dashboard.
  • Set your withdraw method by click on Setting + Advance Setting in Account Dashboard.
  • You can upgrade next in Auto pool (Stage-2,3,4,5 or 6) as well for high volume earning (just invite your 5 Direct referral from Stage-1 and get auto spillover up to 5-level).
  • After activate Stage-1, you can upgrade in Auto pool directly to any Stage of choice.
  • No need to make team in Auto pool as your team from Stage-1 will follow you automatically.
  • You should reach to next stage (Auto pool) before your team in Basic net (stage-1) upgrade in Auto pool otherwise you’ll skip the earning and your Direct referral from Stage-1 can spill to any other member in Auto pool.
  • Every time you upgrade or get a new generated Id, You’ll get more Points to promote your business through place ads (website, videos etc.).
  • You’ll start getting Daily Ads @ $0.001 per ad view.
  • Daily ads are viewed on day to day basis and if missed not carried forward.
  • You’ll get Paid Ads Credits ($0.04 per ad view) when a referral upgrade in your down line. You may get it by spillover or referring by yourself.
  • You can view Paid Ads daily or whenever you are free, there is no compulsion but your credits are accumulated.
  • As you view the Ads (Claim Balance), your credit will be transferred into Available Balance.
  • If you don’t have time to view the Paid ads, you can click on “Instant Claim Balance”.
  • If you select “Instant Claim” option for Paid Ads you will be charged 10% of claim balance.
  • Here you can earn from 5 Levels through PayWao Referral program (5 x 5 Matrix).
  • You just make your team in Stage-1 by inviting or referring your 5 friends only.
  • You can make multiple Accounts on 1 IP address.
  • Generator Plan gives you immense spillover support to complete your levels and get endless Earning.
  • Your generated Id gives spillover to any other member in network, you will also get generated spillovers under your down line from other members.
  • Every Generated Id has same earning potential up to 5-Level as of your Main Id.
  • Its system who fill the levels under Generated Id while you enjoy the endless auto earning.
  • When you get 3 Members at your Level-1, your 1 new Id is generated and account Debited $2
  • When you get 10 Members at your Level-2, your 1 more Id generated
  • When you get 30 Members at your Level-3, your 3 Id’s generated
  • When you get 100 Members at your Level-4, your 10 more Id’s generated
  • When you get 350 Members at your Level-5, your 35 new Id’s generated
  • Each generated ID have same earning potential as of your Main Id but it gets Auto earning, you’ll receive earning from all generated Id’s in your main account.
  • You‘ll be enjoying great earning from all these Id’s and generator continues...
  • Note: If you are still unable to understand about PayWao, Please click For Visit PayWao YouTube Videos

  • Let’s see the PayWao Referral Program – A wonderful earning opportunity!!

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