Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
PayWao! is a Socio-Economic welfare program where you can join with $2 only. It gives you an amazing earning opportunity that never ends..!
Program participation is available to any individual over the world, from any country.
In order to open an account with PayWao, follow the instructions below:
  • Go to Register
  • Ensure you fill out the registration form with correct data.
  • Read the Members Agreement and hit Register.
  • You're now an official member of PayWao!
  • Firstly login your account by using user name and password. Click on Pay now and select your payment method to make your deposit of $2. Your account will be instantly approved and activated.
    When you enter into Level 3 system will deduct amount from your earning to upgrade you in Auto pool. No need to login for manual upgrade as System is fully automated.
    You can request daily payouts which processed within 24 hrs.
    If you have forget your PayWao Account PIN, Don't Worry, Just type SMS "PAYWAO LOGIN" and send it to 03097336003. You will receive Your PIN in Reply SMS within 2 seconds.
  • Perfect Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Mobicash Account
  • EasyPaisa Account
  • We have been in network marketing business since 2012. There are many successful projects on our side like LTE-LifeTimeEarn, LTE-Pay to Click, LTE-MLM and etc.
    Yes, you can make more than One account and refer yourself as well.
    Yes, you can share same internet connection with your friends and family.
    Yes, you can manage accounts for family members but keep in mind that you have different Email.
    You can reset your account information through Edit profile.
    You just need to deposit $2 once in lifetime.
    No, you can only get paid the same e-currency account you made the deposit with.
    Yes, Our referral Bonus is 50% for Level-1 and a flat rate of 10% from Level-2 to Level-5. You can build a constant cash flow. You’ll be offered a referral link and this will be very helpful for promoting our program to everyone by the ways; sharing it on the public forums, your personal website, on social networks (Facebook, Google Plus+, Twitter, Linkedin etc). Send your referrall link to your friends by email. You can also invite your families join with us by giving them your referral link.
    The total distribution from 5 levels is 90%.
    It generates new entries from your earning, send great spillovers which help network run fast and ensure that your earning never ends
    You can see total number of generated Id’s in Generated Id Box. You can also find complete earning detail of your all generated Id’s by click Generated Id Tab on left side of your Dashboard.
    New entries are generated at each level from your earning according to a specific plan (see detail in How to Work). Whenever you claim balance such minus cleared and shows in Total Debit

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